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ART COLLECTING TIPS “Gold #9″ by Sam Jones IV.  Private Collection. Ten things to remember when starting to collect art! Tips for beginning art collectors as well as for experienced art collectors. Good reminders for anyone interested in art or already collecting art. Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and […]

Work in progress…

Work in progress…

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Step Seven…. After cutting and sanding my wood panel, painting the panel, torching a layer of resin and guilding the piece(in this case with silver leaf) I do a drawing black wax and begin to cut through the layers.   After the composition has been cut I sand the surface to bring in additional texture […]

In the Press…

In the Press…

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Gold Lines: Sam Jones IV…. read the complete article featured in “The Wall” magazine, written by Cory Cheney.  

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“It’s not just the works themselves that are interesting – they have this opulent old world vibe to them – there’s also the technique used to create them”.

- Cory Cheney, Lovetts Gallery.

“You not only feel the movements of the dance, but you can also feel what this woman is thinking and the passion she feels for him. The loneliness in the singers voice as she sings thinking about a past love watching these two lovers…Love the painting”.

- Billie Engelbrecht, Collector.

“I was taken back at the depth and beauty captured in his paintings…… You can’t help but wonder what the dancers are thinking, how they are so focused on their steps and yet they seem effortless”.

- Jo Anna Ordonez, Insite Magazine.